Pros and Cons of Concrete Countertops

If you believe that a concrete countertop will look like an ugly chunk of cement in your bathroom or kitchen, you’re very wrong. Nowadays, concrete countertops provide a completely handcrafted and customizable surface popular in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can see concrete countertops very common in bars and restaurants. They offer beauty and functionality. In addition to that, they’re extremely easy to maintain and clean. However, before you install Brattleboro concrete countertops, here are some pros and cons you should consider: 

They Offer an Upscale Look to Your House 

These countertops will change the way you look at concrete. You should try to call a professional concrete countertop contractor and take a look at their gallery if you haven’t seen any concrete countertop. It’s astonishing what you can do with them. The results can add distinction and class to your bathroom and kitchen. 

They’re Simple to Maintain 

Every several years, you will have to reseal your concrete countertop. However, it is a simple and quick job. Concrete countertops will not harbor bacteria or stains. This is particularly true if you maintain them properly. You can easily clean it up using warm water and mild soap. 

They’re Resistant to Heat 

Concrete countertops for your kitchen will prove to be a worthwhile investment if you love to cook. They can easily withstand the heat of pans and pots as well as a cooktop. If you’re installing it in your bathroom, concrete countertops will not be damaged by hot tools, such as a hair straightener or a styling iron. 

They’re Extremely Durable 

Concrete is very hard. It can resist scratching and chipping. It will last for many years with little-to-no maintenance. Perhaps you will not have to replace it until you are ready for a new look in your bathroom or kitchen in the future.  


The main benefit of a concrete countertop is that you’ve got an infinite option for customization. 

  • You can take your design over the top with a stenciled logo or integrated lighting.  
  • You can add stone aggregates or decorative glass to the mix to create an elegant stone-like look. 
  • You can have personalized features cast into the counters. This includes cutting boards, trivets, or drainboards.  
  • Finishes and textures are available to complement any type of design. This includes rustic, industrial, contemporary, modern, or traditional.  
  • You can leave your concrete to look grey. However, you can tailor it to copy the appearance of wood, marble, or granite.  
  • You will be able to pick the right shape and color you want. 

Cons of Concrete Countertops 

One of the biggest disadvantages of concrete countertops is the price. Keep in mind that installing a concrete countertop will require more labor. Thus, you will have to pay more. Luckily, they’re still an excellent investment since they’re a premium material. They can improve your home’s long-term value. 

Another disadvantage of concrete countertops is that they take time to cure, cast, and design. Thus, you might experience some problems if you are in a hurry. Make sure you schedule properly when you want to install a concrete countertop.